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Memorial created 11-26-2005 by
Kay MacKenzie
Luke Floren
December 10 1983 - July 30 2005

Song: "Fly Like An Eagle"
Anything On Wheels or a Board
First of all, any type of vehicle with two wheels were favorites of Luke's; from his first plastic pedal motorcycle when he was two to his Honda 50, and then dirt bikes and motorcross competitions, and finally to his Yamaha street bike. Luke was even a master on a unicycle, and loved riding bicycles with his kid brother. That child had so much balance (got that from his dad for sure!). Even when he was eight and had his brother on the back, nothing could be finer! Get a look at that determined face!

Motocross Competition Here is Luke at one of his motorcross competitions in Montana in the summer of 2000. He would tour all over Montana to enter these competitions.

The Passion Begins Luke's first red scooter.
Was he ever proud of that.
He never lost his interest in things that go fast since then.

Skiing and later snowboarding were two of Luke's other favorite sports. He just couldn't get enough of the mountain slopes. When he was three, I started taking him to Big Mountain on Sunday mornings for his beginning lessons. I will never forget the first time we went on a chair lift together. He was so worried about making it off, little did he know I was even more afraid. Somehow he managed, and once he was off the lift the little bugger started heading straight down, put his hands in the air and yelled "THIS IS GREAT" all the way down the hill. Of course, it took Mom a lot longer to make it down. He had already passed me up and I was losing a ski buddy before we even got started. Here is a picture taken this summer from the lodge at the top of the mountain Luke loved. Looking down you can see Highway 93 and the bend, which is where he had the accident.

Bears Paw Mountain A typical shot of Luke putting some air between the board and the hill at the Bears Paw Mountains.

Luke and Mom at Big Mountain Those were the days when Luke and I had fun together on the bunny slopes and using the rope tows. Once he started using the chair lift, I was left in the (snow) dust.

Luke and Little Brother Luke and little brother, Michael, in Mimi's driveway. It's hard to believe this was only five years ago. About a year ago, Michael started to inch up past Luke's height. Notice the skateboard. Luke spent many years dragging around a board and learning new tricks. Hard to find a picture of him without some kind of bike, skateboard, snowboard, or fishing pole.

Luke in Whitefish Luke heading down toward Whitefish Lake to join the family for a picnic. Just had to ride that bike down those steps.

Fishing at Lake MacDonald Luke loved to fish. His brother loved to fish with him, but didn't care to eat it. Luke loved eating fish as much as he did catching it.

Race Track in Columbia Falls Luke racing the others. Look at that smile, loving the speed and challenge of passing all the others!

Motocross Races in Helena, Montana Mimie, Luke and Michael after Luke's last heat.

Big Mountain - Whitefish Lake
This was taken from Luke's favorite picnic spot on Big Mountain looking down onto Whitefish Lake.

Luke standing in front of the ski hut and sign at the Bears Paw Ski Hill with his snowboard.

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