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Memorial created 11-26-2005 by
Kay MacKenzie
Luke Floren
December 10 1983 - July 30 2005

Song: Beatles, "Tnere Are Places I Remember"

"Hey Luke, will you help us build a snow fort? It's getting late and we want to get this done." Luke on the left. Michael on the right, and his friend, Steven in the center.

Please Luke????

Sure, I'll help out. I'm not sure you guys know what you're doing anyway.


You need to make use of this sled...you can haul more snow and we can get this done quick.

Now we're getting there.

Hey Luke - where are you going? We're not quite done!

Michael's still looking for me! He must have gone to Mimi's house thinking I went home.

I'll just sneak around the other side and hide in the fort.

He still can't find me. I bet he doesn't think to look in here.

Ah....this is KULE! Time for a rest with my Mountain Dew. Those guys will figure out where I am soon.

Well, my Bro finally found me in here.

That was hard work - time for a rest!

Mom helped us build snow shelves to put the candles on. This is going to be a fun hangout!

There's plenty of room in here for all of us.

Hey! This is great fun...it's midnight and it's still light in here.

It's really warming up in here, who would have guessed we are sitting on snow!

Love those candles!

The boys are tucked inside admiring their work.

May I present: THE FORT

Is that the moon back there?


"Okay, now that we've finished The Fort, let's hit the slopes!"

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