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Memorial created 11-26-2005 by
Kay MacKenzie
Luke Floren
December 10 1983 - July 30 2005

Song: Bob Dylan, "Tambourine Man"

Picture of Luke at wedding in Havre, June, 2004. That beaming smile was so typical of Luke. This is my LUKE IN THE LIGHT picture.

Close up of Luke on his new motorcycle. Get a look at that grin.

Luke getting ready to go out. Ok Mom, take the picture and then let me finish...my buddies are coming and I still have to put on my cologne!

Luke's graduation picture...Summer, 2002 in Whitefish, Montana

Last picture of Luke and Mom. We just arrived in Montana in June, 2005 and were heading out to buy Luke some new summer clothes.

Picture of picnic table at Luke's favorite spot on Big Mountain. Tnis picture was taken just a few days after Luke's two memorial services in Montana (August, 2005). Luke had carved his name only a few days before his accident in July, 2005.

Same picnic table at Luke's favorite spot on Big Mtn overlooking Whitefish Lake. Taken on Christmas Day, 2005. I went to find the table with Luke's name carved in it, and finally found it through the snow. There was snow covering the table EXCEPT for where Luke carved his name this last summer.

Luke in his Perfect Circle shirt at the Martens' house in November, 2004.

Picture used for the BEST OF LUKE #1 cd. This picture was taken at Luke's Aunt Karen's house, Father's Day - June, 2005.

One of the last pictures of Luke when he and I were having our pictures taken together. Another one of those...let's get this over with MOM!

Luke with his buddies hanging out Fourth of July, 2005...3 weeks before the accident.

Father's Day, June 2006. This picture was used in BEST OF LUKE IV...first anniversary CD tribute to Luke.

Luke while working with Michael on their car in Key Largo. Sept. 2003

Luke visiting his dad at Seeley Lake the day he got his motorcyle back...July 2, 2005.

4th of July, 2005. Luke hanging out with his buddies and admiring his bike.

Luke, age 15. Photo taken while we were having family pictures taken in Whitefish, December, 1998. Such a typical picture of Luke's beaming face.

Luke's Marine picture, San Diego, MCRD - May, 2002.

Luke's graduation - the MOTO run. San Diego, 2002

Luke receiving his Eagle, Globe and Anchor. He is no longer a Recruit, he is now PFC Floren.

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