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Memorial created 07-14-2016 by
Lois Wagenseil
Marion Josephine Ferdinand Wagenseil
February 1 1917 - July 9 2016

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Marion Wagenseil. Please sign Marion's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Mom, Grandma, Great Grandma, Aunt and Friend forever.


Maud (King) Ferdinand, Marion F., Ida (King) Black and Ida F. and Steve Ferdinand

Marion had a long life and saw so many things in 99 years. She is missed already. Kind, funny, beautiful and a wonderful soul. Thank you for being you.

Marion was born in Hoboken, NJ, February 1st, 1917. She had one sister named Ida and briefly a little brother named Stephen. She loved her siblings dearly.

Her father Steve was a jack-of-all trades, first working at hauling barrels by horse and wagon, then later owning a speedometer/taxi meter installation business (when cars first became out). He then worked for the New York Central Railroad for many years as a yardman. Her mother Maud had a number of jobs also from an early age and once worked in a canning factory and in  a movie theater in New York where she met Steve Ferdinand, who was the manager of the theater for a while. Maud eventually became a stay-at-home mom and took in sewing from neighbors to make some extra money.

After high school in 1934, Marion worked in New York City at Montgomery Wards.


She took a ferry and a bus from New Jersey to New York every day to work in the Ward's office, especially in the milinary department. She enjoyed working there with friends for 12 years through World War II.

Marion married Robert Wagenseil on March 21, 1943. He joined the Army while they were dating and was sent to Europe shortly after their marriage, stationed in London and Paris. After the war was over they lived with the Ferdinands for a while until they could buy their own house in Rochelle Park, NJ.  They were there until 1956 when Bob took a job with IBM and the family moved to Rochester, Minnesota. 


Marion Ferdinand and Robert Ernest Wagenseil. Wedding day in Jersey City, NJ. Witnesses: Arthur Wagenseil (brother) and Evelyn Warbrick (Marion's friend)


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