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Memorial created 05-13-2014 by
Opal Goodwin
Joshua M Goodwin
July 5 1997 - January 13 2014

josh with his big catch last summer

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Joshua Goodwin, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. He was a loving son and brother. He enjoyed fishing, running, working on old cars with his father. he also loved his companion charger a 2 year old boxer/bulldog mix. She misses him greatly. She cuddles one of his stuff animals. He had his life planned out. He wanted to finish school, then go to mass maritime, and join the marines. He is greatly missed and will always be loved. He is forever in his loved ones hearts. He was a great young man. Very caring n giving. We love you baby. Please sign Joshua's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Joshua forever.


This is Joshua and his father at one of his parades for JORTC. His father was so proud of him. He moved up quitly in the ranks. He loved it.


Kevin n Nate

Joshua's two brothers trying to enjoy their first Easter without josh. They try to enjoy easter. they had fun. joking that josh would of found all the eggs. They greatly miss their brother. We talk about him all the time. Makes it easier for them. Josh was a wonderful brother. Like to harass kevin to get him going. He went to Maine every summer for the last 4 years to babysit his younger brother. While Nates dad worked. He also help raise josh and was very proud of him. Just want to thank you Larry for your help with him though out the years. great job, just like your doing with nate. josh would be proud of you for sticking together with us. Thou this time.



Joshua's oldest brother. Good fishing buddies. That was the first fish josh learned to scale xo we could have it on the grill. Scotty always came over to see the boys. He'd take them fishing josh would tell us he caught the biggest one. most of the time he did. Scotty and josh were close even with 13 year difference. They got alone very well. Scotty keeps telling me about dreams of them fishing. That he's had since josh passed. I told scotty that's josh's why of saying he's okay n loves you.


Josh we had charger second birthday party like you planned. You passed before her b-day but, we still had one for her cuz that's what you wanted. She was and always be you baby. She misses you, she steals your gorilla when we leave her home with sheba. She lays on it til come home. Now that your gone she's a daddy's girl. Goes to work with him all day. If he don't take her she cries all day and I'm home it don't matter. Sheba has became my big girl. In the picture their eating their cake and ice cream. After that they got presents. Thay miss you as much as we do.


mom, dad,kev n sarah

We know that your up there watching over us. When god took you he most of needed a very special angel. Ju-ju bear mom misses you trying to get me wound up. you were so funny, handsome, bright. You could of done everything on your to do list. I can pictures you in a marine unform. Just like you wanted. On your 18th b-day you would of got the surpise of your life. dad was going to give you the satellite. now were going to finish it and put your name on back under rear window in bright purple letters. In memory of you. The satellite was your favorite. This picture was at your soon to be sister-in-law prom. believe it or not kev wore a tux. I thought it was funny when he was getting dressed. It reminded me of when he would tell you to hurry up when you were putting on your JORTC uniform. Lots of good memories buddy. That's what keeps us going. We love and miss you. We will all meet again. with opened arms.


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