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Memorial created 11-26-2005 by
Kay MacKenzie
Luke Floren
December 10 1983 - July 30 2005

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01-05-2006 1:48 PM -- By: Gloria Grummons,  From: Newcastle, Wyoming  

Kay, I was so overwhelmed by this site! It is beautiful. God Bless, Gloria

01-05-2006 1:39 PM -- By: gloria grummons,  From: Newcastle, Wyoming 82701  

Dear Kay, you have done such a wonderful job with this site and am so glad your Mother sent it to me. I shed a tear or two. I know he is flying with the angels and is missed by everyone. Please know that we love you and enjoyed your trip out here this summer. Love ya, Gloria

01-04-2006 11:27 PM -- By: Flo Williams,  From: Columbia Falls  

Dear Kay Luke will always be remembered by me for all the stories his Grandma has told me. Also his gentle way when ever I was with him. I especially like our memory of his laughter when we were eating lunch together and told him about our friend Kay that feeds the wild animals. He laughed so hard just thinking about her cutting the apples for the deer and the carrots,bird seed etc for all the critters that visit her home. He was a great kid and by the way he has a great brother.

01-04-2006 9:21 AM -- By: Judy Banks Demetriou,  From: Palm Desert, Ca. & Whitefish, Montana  

With everyone feeling such a loss this past July, including those of us from afar, this website will help to settle some emotions, moving forward in honoring Luke, as well as remembering him in a most positive and lasting way.

Thanks for sharing this Memorial with everyone, even those who didn't know him personally.

01-03-2006 9:52 AM -- By: Dani,  From: NY  

Thinking of your precious Luke today! What a wonderful tribute to him!Thanks for sharing him with us.

12-29-2005 12:36 PM -- By: Norma Foote,  From: El Paso, Texas  

Wow Kay, what a beautiful boy! what a tribute, I got goosebumps visiting his site. Good Job! You make him proud!

12-25-2005 10:24 PM -- By: Donna-Corey's Mom,  From: Florida  

Hi Luke! I just wanted to stop by and say Merry Christmas and that I hope you were able to send your mom a sign today of your continual presence. As a mom who has lost a child, I know the pain that your mom carries in her heart and nothing will ever take that away, but I also know how happy it makes my heart feel when someone visits Corey and Michelle's memorial site, so I hope this brings a smile to your mom's face and a bit of joy in her heart. You are so loved and so missed! MERRY CHRISTMAS IN HEAVEN, LUKE! Love, Donna-Corey's Mom http://www.coreyandmichelle.com http://www.mem.com In Loving Memory of Corey and Michelle James 8/17/2003

12-24-2005 5:47 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Harleysville, Pa.  

Hi Luke,

Come to wish you a Merry Christmas, and listen to your music, your Mom said i could steal one from you, OK?

Joey and Luke (buddies together)

Love, Terrie

12-23-2005 5:41 PM -- By: Cherylann,  From: Vernon, British Columbia  

Wonderful tribute Kay! Thanks for welcoming me back with such open arms.

12-21-2005 4:55 PM -- By: Valita,  From: Oregon  

This is a wonderful memorial to your sweet Angel. You did a great job. You make Luke proud.

12-16-2005 12:06 PM -- By: Cindy Bonanno,  From: Key Largo  

This is a beautiful tribute to Luke. The words to the song you chose to use, I Can See Clearly Now, are so appropriate for Luke; nothing but blue skys and a bright shiny day. That's the peace he's enjoying now. His love for art, music, and the wonderous outdoors is displayed so beautifully in the photographs and will help us all to remember the special things that Luke enjoyed.

12-15-2005 5:59 PM -- By: Cindy Sease,  From: Kalispell, MT  

Kay, My heart aches for you. You've done a beautiful job creating this memorial. I hope it brings you comfort. XO Cindy

12-15-2005 1:41 PM -- By: Tracy Dobson,  From: MD  

Dearest Luke, I wish I met you because you seem like a unique, kind, and loving soul. Your mother and brother sure do miss you. Thank you for playing with your mom by stealing the balloons at your birthday memorial (three times!). I hope you'll continue to offer your mom laughter and relief knowing you're in a better place. Keep her laughing! I'll never forget the balloon story... three times... you little kidder!!!

I know you were a neat kid too because your mother is someone special. Please help her understand and accept this. Play with her a little over Christmas so she knows you're watching. :-) Love to you from below, Tracy Dobson

12-14-2005 8:53 PM -- By: Lyndie,  From: Marco Island Florida  

What a beautiful memorial to you handsome son. I am so very sorry for your loss. I understand it because I also lost my son Joey. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts Love Lyndie Joey and Luke heavenly buddies www.missyoujoey2003.com

12-14-2005 4:38 PM -- By: Julie & family,  From: the Netherlands  

Dear Kay and Michael, Luke's memorial site is so beautiful and heart warming. Thank you for sharing this with us. We enjoyed reading about him and seeing his pictures. We want you to know that you are always in our thoughts. A big e-hug to you from Julie, Jan, Hugo and Andrea.

12-13-2005 11:44 PM -- By: Gwen Lachelt,  From: Durango, Colorado  

Dear Kay and Michael,

I've just returned from a trip and finally had a chance to visit Luke's website. It's a wonderful tribute. Luke lives on in my heart and memory.



12-13-2005 8:44 PM -- By: Gail,  From: Ga  

Kay, Luke is so handsome. I hope for peace for all of us during the upcoming weeks. And wonderful signs from our angels.

12-13-2005 7:22 PM -- By: Michael Floren,  From: Key Largo, FL  

Dear Brother,

How often it is that I think about you and what life would be like with you still physically in it, although we all know you are still here with us spiritually. I'm going to miss the days of hacky sacks and bikes, the smell of cigarettes when you come inside after having one, and your impressions of your favorite celebrities, including Cartman, although I never got to see your Martha Stewart impression. More and more I realize how much I'm becoming a little like how you were in the most subtle of ways. The little habits (not as in cigarettes) I noticed you had I think you're passing on to me. I'm not going to get into which ones, but I think you know and can see them anyways. As a brother and as my only sibling, I'm truly sad to be continuing life without you. The sound of "losing a brother" is sad in itself. But I really haven't LOST you. You're just my brother living in a different place instead of Montana or Key Largo. I know you're still looking after me and guiding me like a brother, none the less. But, come visit Mimie, Mom and I in the cozy warmth of Mimie's living room at Christmas. We'd sure love to have you and be upset if you didn't make it. Now, a line I stole from "Mr. Deeds"

"But when I die, (Brother Luke), you better say, 'Cheers!'

"'Cause me and you are hanging at the pearly gates

"I'll bring the beers, I'll bring the beers"

I'll love you forever, Luke.

Love, Michael

12-13-2005 1:56 PM -- By: Renee',  From: South Carolina  

Your website for Luke is so beautiful. This is a wonderful tribute to him. I pray that your family will find the strength and peace in their heart to go on.

Love, GP-Renee~~Bradley's Mom

12-12-2005 8:19 PM -- By: Dave,  From: Key Largo  

Dear Luke, I pray that you are in peace, free from the stresses that drove you so hard. I would guess that in life you were unaware of how much you were loved and how greatly you would be missed. I pray that somehow you can know these things now. I promise to use your untimely passing, to drive me to be always appreciative, loving, and understanding of everyone around me. Thanks for that, Dave

12-12-2005 2:06 PM -- By: Teresa McBride,  From: Sulphur,Louisiana  

What a beautiful tribute to your Angel Luke. I pray you and your family find peace and comfort during the Christmas Holidays!!! My son Aaron Golden died on Nov.14,2004, I'm sure our angels have become friends. May they both send us warm angel kisses for Christmas.

Hugs to you and your Angel Luke, Teresa - Aaron's Mom aaron-golden-mcbride.memory-of.com

12-12-2005 1:13 PM -- By: Norma Foote,  From: El Paso, Texas  

What a handsome young man. You did a great job! Norma Foote ~Sherrie's mom

12-12-2005 10:48 AM -- By: Denise Corbitt-Coppola,  From: Tavernier, Florida  


What a wonderful tribute to your son and my friend, Luke. Luke and I met at the motorcycle safety course in Homestead and he naturally picked on my for owning a Harley. How devastated I was to hear that I had lost a friend and fellow rider who was younger than my own motorcycle-riding son. And, how devastating that you had lost a child. I can only hope that the motorcycle angel pin that I gave you brings Luke's spirit a little closer to you in your time of greatest need. I know I feel Luke in the breeze that crosses the highway when I ride, in the fresh air that fills my lungs and the warm sun that touches my face. He is riding with me always. Denise

12-11-2005 1:59 AM -- By: Dave Martens,  From: Havre, Montana  

Luke's birthday is something that I have never forget. I think it is because on this day he became the same age as me and I used to think that was really cool. I hope he knows how much he meant to me and my family. I still have a vivid memory of my first encounter with Luke. My dad and I were turning off of bullhook road to our new house on Heritage Drive. Before we got to the house, he stopped off to talk to this guy with a beard (Ray) and I saw Luke in the garage playing with one of those lights with the hook so that you can hang them under car hoods etc. Anyway, he was great. I was 4 and he was either 3 or 4. It was not long after that that Luke earned a neighborhood hero/legend status for wearing his superman underwear outside of his superman pjs and riding his bike with cape flying high. It was the coolest/funniest thing I'd ever seen and I don't think any of us kids had ever seen anything like it before. Underwear outside your pants? Is that possible? He had a cape and my superman costume did not, so we would always share his. Keep in mind that this was the era of neon colors and biker shorts, so we looked ridiculous all the time. I was fortunate enough to know Luke for a very long time. It was always a joy to spend time with Luke in every period of my life. When we were in High School, Luke started coming over for breakfast and then we would walk to school together. It was great because around that time we started making other friends and girls came into the picture by that point also. After High school, Luke and I remained friends, even though we took different paths in life and did not see each other much. Not long before the accident, I was hoping to get in touch and reconnect with Luke. I am really sad that I did not get a chance to do that. I remember Luke as an incredibly caring person, who cared deeply about his friends and family. Tonight, I went outside and took a look around Heritage Drive and it was pretty sad. I miss my friend Luke.

12-11-2005 12:16 AM -- By: Vickey O'NealWoodward,  From: Illinois  

Kay, Luke's memorial site is wonderful. As hard s the site may be to build, it serves also as a dear work from the heart for Lucas. Happy Birthday, Lucas!!! Lean close, Luke, and tell your mother that you love her.

12-10-2005 11:54 PM -- By: Kay MacKenzie,  From: Key Largo, FL  

To My Dearest Son, Luke, a message on your birthday:

Today is your special day...the day you get each year to be honored for entering this world. Twenty-two year ago today marked the most important day of my entire life. It gave special meaning to my existence on this earth. I thank you for that incredible first breath I felt on my cheek just moments after you were born in the mid afternoon hours of December 10, 1983. Since then, along with your beloved brother, Michael, you have meant the world to me and you ALWAYS will. I want to thank you for the gift you gave me immediately upon waking this morning - the anniversary of your 22nd birthday. My night stand light was on. I had only used candles the night before so it wasn't as if I had mistakenly left it on. I know you were telling me HI MOM, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! You were there cheering me on, wanting me to enjoy the day with the spirit of celebration rather than sorrow.

You accomplished so much in your short time here and I want to let you know how proud I am of you. I hope you are having a great celebration in that land of new adventure and always remember the words to our favorite night time story book.... I'll LOVE YOU FOREVER, I'LL LIKE YOU FOR ALWAYS, AS LONG I'M LIVING, MY BABY YOU'LL BE. I'll never forget the tune you and I put together to go with those words.

How thankful I am that love is eternal. Many moons and stars of love my young son. Forever 21 you'll be ...Your Loving Mother.

12-10-2005 9:37 PM -- By: Carol Hilton,  From: Key Largo, Fl.  

"Sometimes if you take a second look around you'll notice we are amongst angels." Luke was an angel in disguise. He looked out for his family, friends and even strangers. He was meant to be here for a short time and his mission was accomplished i.e. "take that second look and learn how to live." Thanks "Luke the messenger angel."

12-10-2005 5:16 PM -- By: Cindi Wafstet,  From: Sequim, WA  

Beautiful site, and beautiful tribute to an amazing young man, one of Heaven's special angels.

12-10-2005 5:10 PM -- By: Pat Parker,  From: Forest City, Pa.  

Dear Kay, Sending Hugs to You & Lucas Today Lucas Birthday in Heaven. I am so sorry for the Loss of Your Sweet Son Lucas. I know what it is like to lose a Child suddenly, as my Sons died in an Auto Accident on 3/22/0l. I am sure our Sons Lucas, Brian and Tim have become Friends in Heaven, and that they helped Lucas celebrate his Birthday Today. (((((((((((((((Kay & Lucas))))))))))) Love & Prayers, Pat, Mom of Brian and Tim in Heaven (with Your Sweet Son Lucas) and Sean on Earth.

12-10-2005 2:06 PM -- By: Graham Skjenna,  From: Medicine Hat, AB  

There are no words that can express my sorrow. Nor are there words that can be found to express my condolences to his family.

Too young. Too Soon.

Happy Birthday Luke.


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