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Memorial created 11-26-2005 by
Kay MacKenzie
Luke Floren
December 10 1983 - July 30 2005

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03-17-2006 10:36 AM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Harleysville, Pa.  

Hi Luke,

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, Your Mom's helping me with Joey's site.

What are you gus up to?

Send hugs and kisses to Mom.

Love, Terrie(JOey's mom)

03-03-2006 7:35 AM -- By: Terry Kamins,  From: Marietta GA  

Kay and Michael my heart always hold a special prayer for you both. In his own way Luke's light shines down to us all. Love Terry

02-27-2006 2:49 PM -- By: Trish,  From: WV  


What a beautiful site you have created for your handsome Luke. I am so glad we have met, but so sorry for the reason why. I know Luke is watching out for my Keegan on the Other Side. hugs to you Trish Keegan ~ Never Forgotten 3/16/97 ~ 6/7/01

02-27-2006 12:12 AM -- By: Tammy Barkhurst,  From: Wyoming  

What an absolutely beautiful tribute to your very handsome son. You can tell by his smile that he led a life of purpose and love, a love for his family and life. What an amazing young man you raised Kay.

02-19-2006 12:33 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Harleysville, Pa.  

Dear Kay, It's so nice to jump from Joey's site to yours. Love the new page Forts, and the new song on the Photo Album. I'm still looking for some new songs, I've got empty pages. Guess Joey and Luke have found each other by now. Hi Luke. Love, Terrie (Joey's Mom)

02-19-2006 12:11 AM -- By: Celeste,  From: spokane,wa  

Kay, I just wanted to say that the Fort page you have done is abolsutely beautiful and the candles in the fort...priceless....

thank you for sharing Luke's beautiful spirit with us...

02-18-2006 7:10 PM -- By: Lyndie,  From: Marco Island Florida  

(((Kay))) I love this new page with Luke and his brother building the fort. It is so wonderful I am so sorry Luke is not here to be with you and Michael. I am thinking of you Much love and Many hugs Lyndie Joey and Luke forever 21 buddies in heaven

02-18-2006 1:49 PM -- By: Helene Kelly,GP Mom to Krista,  From: Pennsylvania  

Dear Luke,

Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Your Mom has done a wonderful job of sharing her Lukers with all of us during your short time on earth. Please watch over your Mom and Michael. If you see Krista, please give her a kiss for me. Hugs to you, Luke.


02-15-2006 9:48 PM -- By: Cindi,  From: Sequim, WA  

Thinking of Luke on Courtney's birthday... I know they are all celebrating together in heaven.

02-15-2006 12:57 PM -- By: Kelly Murphy,  From: Myrtle Beach, SC  

Kay; This is truly a wonderful tribute to your son Luke. I have spent about an hour looking at all the pics, and reading about his life. I'm sure him and Barry are becoming friends in "heaven"...They seem sooo much alike. Same taste in music, love of nature, ect... Thank-you for sharing the life of your son.

02-15-2006 12:42 AM -- By: MARIO,  From: san diego CA  


What a touching and heartfelt tribute you have set up in honor and memory of your beloved Lukers.

Remember, he is your son, and you are his mom, for all eternity, and not even death itself--either yours or his--can ever change or destroy that.


02-05-2006 4:19 PM -- By: Lyndie,  From: marco Island Florida  

Kay I just wanted to visit your handsome son again. This is such a beautiful memorial for him. I love you and know that Joey and Luke are heavenly buddies. Many comforting hugs to you soul sister. Love Lyndie

01-31-2006 2:49 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Harleysville, Pa  

Hi Luke, it's Joey's mom. She's feeling sad today, how about some hugs and kisses from heaven and tell Joey too. You guys must be having some fun,

Love Terrie (Joey's mom)

01-31-2006 12:06 AM -- By: Mario,  From: San Diego, CA  


Even though I never knew you, from what I know of you from your beloved mom, you were a loving and devoted son, and you and your mom were not only mother-and-son, you were also close friends.

Your mom was very blessed to have had you as her beloved son, and you were very blessed to have had her as your beloved mom.


01-30-2006 11:20 PM -- By: celeste,  From: spokane,. wa  

Kay, I just wanted to let you know that this site is a wonderful heartfelt tribute to your precious Son.

I know today, and everyday, you grieve the loss. It's hard to find words to comfort a grieving mother. It really is.

Just know that Luke is always by your side. he wont leave. he will always guide you and give you that light you need in the darkest times...

and I am always here anytime you need me.


01-30-2006 11:19 PM -- By: celeste,  From: Spokane, Wa  

Luke, 6 months ago you passed into the light. Even though we are saddened by the loss of a wonderful spirit on this earth, we are given hope knowing that you have not left those who loved you and those you loved. I know you forever act as a loving guide and comfort to your family and your friends.

We embrace the fact you are now in the light which is the best place for someone like you. Your parents love you and miss you so much.

I know the bond between you and your loved ones, will never cease...never....

01-30-2006 9:37 PM -- By: Kay,  From: Florida  

Dearest Luke,

It is hard to believe that you left us six months ago today. My heart is still so very broken and heavy with sadness. I can't see how I can ever feel whole again without my Luke. What I would give for a phone call or a big hug from you right this moment! I guess I will learn how to live with this painful hole in my heart as time goes on. I miss you dearly, and want to thank you for the awesome gifts you have sent special delivery to me through dreams and special signs. I know you are there helping me to cope and reminding me that you are still ever close to Michael and I in spirit. You are such a good son and I am comforted by knowing that the love and bonds between us are eternal.

Many angel kisses and warm hugs to you today and always my beloved son,

Your Loving Mother

01-28-2006 4:55 PM -- By: Janet Rosequist,  From: Netcong, NJ  

Kay- What a beautiful web site for your darling son Luke. He lead a very full life in his short time here on earth. I am sure he is a welcomed spirit on the other side. His picture radiates such a warmth I could swear I can actually feel it. Bless you and your sons.

01-23-2006 7:22 PM -- By: Kacie Kamins,  From: Marietta, Ga  

Our hearts are with you... Kay and Michael were some of the first people i met when my dad moved to Whitefish... One long bus ride from Salt Lake to whitefish brought our families together... My prayers are with you Kay and Michael... We love you very much! Love, Terry, Kacie, and Garrett Kamins

01-19-2006 7:53 PM -- By: Tami Bush,  From: Michigan  

There is a bond between a mother and son like no other. Thinking of you and hoping you are doing well.Keep cherishing all the wonderful memories it is what is helping me through. Looking at other websites and relating to people that understand also helps. There will be a happy day one day when we will be reunited but until then one day at a time. Take care. Ryan Hook's mother forever.

01-14-2006 6:10 PM -- By: Fred & Jane Maynard,  From: Anchorage, Alaska  

Much to my regret I never got to meet Luke. We were all never together at the same time. What I knew of Luke came from his Grandmother. She was very proud of him. I wish I could have known him. Jane

01-11-2006 11:05 PM -- By: Lyn,  From: New Jersey  

What a wonderful tribute to your precious son. This is a marvelous site done with much love. May you have some peace in your life.

Hugs, Lyn Hobart mother of Keith Liles

01-11-2006 9:21 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Harleysville,Pa.  

Hi Luke,

Just Joey's mom, laughing with your Mom, thinking of the good times. Your little stuffed animal is just fine, oh, tell Joey his is too. Ha Ha, made you laugh, Love to visit you,

LOve, Terrie

01-10-2006 7:32 PM -- By: Marc Mnich,  From: Atlanta, GA  

This is truly a beautiful memorial! I was just checking in to make sure everything is well with Lucas' memorial and always find something new.

01-10-2006 7:13 PM -- By: Debbie Wengert,  From: Maryland  

Dropping by to say hello and to look after your Mom.

01-09-2006 10:49 PM -- By: Gay Widmer,  From: Cincinnati, Ohio  

Sorry Luke, I've been reading messages between your mom and Joyce (Joey's mom)and decided to visit both of your websites. Today is Joey's birthday, but I think I sent you the birthday message. Forgive me. This one is for you: Ancient Egyptians believed upon death they would be asked 2 questions and their answers would determine whether they could continue their journey in the afterlife. The first was, “Did you bring joy?” the 2nd was, “Did you find it?” I believe you gave joy, I believe you found joy.

01-09-2006 10:22 PM -- By: Gay Widmer,  From: Cincinnati, Ohio  

Because time itself is like a spiral, something special happens on your birthday each year: The same energy that God invested in you at birth is present once again. ~Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Happy Birthday Luke!

01-09-2006 10:15 PM -- By: Gay Widmer,  From: Cincinnati, Ohio  

Because time itself is like a spiral, something special happens on your birthday each year: The same energy that God invested in you at birth is present once again. ~Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Happy Birthday Luke!

01-09-2006 5:29 AM -- By: Lyndie,  From: Marco Island Florida  

(((Kay))) I am so sorry about your loss of Luke. We are soul sisters on a journey with this same pain. This is a beautiful site in honor of your handsome precious son. Keeping you in my thoughts Love Lyndie Joey and Luke forever heavenly buddies

01-05-2006 10:16 PM -- By: Christine, Luke's Mom 1979 - 2001,  From: Arizona  

Dear Luke,

I would guess that you and MY LUKE have met up in heaven. I'm sure that the two of you had everything to do with these two LUKE moms getting together. There are so many things in your site that remind me of my Luke, who also died at the age of 21. My Luke died April 3, 2001, but it seems like yesterday and then again it seems like forever since I have held him. Your site is so very beautiful and your life is so very beautiful. I am honored to have shared in this memorial you mom has done for you. Well, Luke, you boys take care and give MY LUKE a hug for me.

We will see you both soon.


Christine, Luke's Mom 1979 - 2001


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