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Memorial created 11-26-2005 by
Kay MacKenzie
Luke Floren
December 10 1983 - July 30 2005

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07-02-2006 1:54 PM -- By: Helene, GP Mom to Krista,  From: Pennsylvania  

Dear Luke,

It's been almost a year since you have been gone. Stay close to your Mom as she misses her Lukee so very very much and needs you more than ever. Your mom has shared so many wonderful stories about you. She is so very proud of you. You are one terrific guy and any mom would be proud to call you her son. Love to you sweet angel Luke, flying high in the sky with my beautiful angel Krista.

06-30-2006 5:22 PM -- By: Susan Milam,  From: Florida  


Your Mom has created a beatiful tribute here for you. God knows I wish she didn't have a reason to do this. I can only imagine what an incredible young man you were and are. Stay close to your Mom in the days to come and envelope her with your love. Rest in peace sweet angel, Luke. (and please check on Clint for me when you get a chance)

Love, Susan

06-30-2006 1:06 AM -- By: Kay,  From: Luke's Mom  

Dearest Luke,

I am just in disbelief - I'm shaking my head...it can't be possible that you have been gone for 11 months. 11 months since I have heard your voice, seen your beautiful beaming face. I just want you to know your mother will always miss her shining star. Not a moment goes by that I don't think of my special son and feel my heart burst with pride for all you accomplished in your short life. Please stay near always Luke, I miss you so.

Love, Mom

06-18-2006 10:38 AM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Pa  

Hi Luke,

Hope you are having fun out there with Joey and the rest of the angels.

We miss you so much, but your Mom keeps us informed of the things you do.

Tell Joey to send some kisses and hugs, could use some right now.

Love, Terrie (Joey's Mom)

06-12-2006 3:52 PM -- By: Susan Prouty,  From: Northern California  

I know exactly how you feel but my sons were both killed in car accidents. I know your pain. Love and hugs, Susan P

06-10-2006 10:26 PM -- By: Mona,  From: Madawaska, Maine  

Hi, I visited your son's site and I am so sorry for the precious loss of your son Luke. I couldn't help but notice that my precious son Bob died on the same date as Luke. July 30, 2004. Close to the same time at night and on the same kind of motorcycle. Should you ever want to talk, please contact me. Lyndie guided me to your son's site. It's a beautiful site, although our loss is very sad indeed. Mona

06-06-2006 10:12 PM -- By: Tami/GP Angel Ryan Hook,  From:  

Thank you so much for your kind words Kay. I was having a rough time and just had to get it out and thank goodness for GP I am able to express myself and have people who can understand and help me through. As the anniversary of Ryan's passing draws near I am having a real hard time. Yes I think of you often and am so jealous I could not come to the retreat maybe sometime I bet it really helps. Ryan's birthdate is 9-10-83 and he passed 8-1-05. One day at a time. Thinking of your precious Luke I am sure our sons have met and are waiting to be reunited with us. Take care.

06-03-2006 8:02 AM -- By: Lyndie,  From: Marco Island Florida  

((((Kay)))) Just visiting Joey's buddy in heaven. I love you. I am so sorry this is brought on our friendship, this bleeding connection of our hearts, soul and lives. I will forever remember your precious son with you Lyndie Joey and Luke forever 21 buddies in heaven

05-19-2006 10:05 AM -- By: Cassandra Howard,  From: florida  

hi its me again just wanted to let you know how glade i am that your making it through and im glade your holding on. Thanks for giving me a way to know your son i feel like i'v known him for longer then i thought when i didn't know any thing about him i know alot. well im glade you got the other message. I pray for you son in church on wednsday nights and sunday mornings all the time. And i pray for you so that you'll make it through i know how hard it is to loose some one you really love that you cant let go but just remember he'll never be forgotten.

Love Always: Cassandra Howard AKA Sandy GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

05-18-2006 1:18 PM -- By: emily green,  From: florida keys  

I dont know what to say because I have had so many similar experiences. Im so sorry for your loss and at least he got to spend the last of his time on the thing he loved, his motorcycle.

again Im really sorry for your loss,

Emily Green

05-17-2006 10:42 AM -- By: Anna Holmbraker,  From: The Keys  

I'm so sorry for your loss Ms. McKenzie, the website is a beautiful tribute to Luke, he looks so much like you. I can't even think about how hard it must be for you, he loved you so much though. He's a great guy and I bet he's racing his bikes in Heaven missing you. You'll se him again, no doubt! love you, Anna

05-17-2006 10:41 AM -- By: Anna Holmbraker,  From: The Keys  

I'm so sorry for your loss Ms. McKenzie, the website is a beautiful tribute to Luke, he looks so much like you. I can't even think about how hard it must be for you, he loved you so much though. He's a great guy and I bet he's racing his bikes in Heaven missing you. You'll se him again, no doubt! love you, Anna

05-14-2006 11:34 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Dearest Luke, I miss you more than ever today, but truly thank you for the wonderful signs that show you are close by on Mother's Day. That was always who you were - the one concerned with communicating frequently. I love you for that, among all the other millions reasons.

Hope your heaven days are full of splendor.

Eternal love my son, Your loving Mom

05-14-2006 1:02 PM -- By: Karen,  From: New Orleans, La  

Luke, thinking of you and your mom today. Send her angel hugs for a peaceful Mother's Day. Karen (Angel Jamie's mom)

05-05-2006 9:11 AM -- By: Mariel,  From: Key Largo, FL  

Your son looks like a great person, and its great that you made this site for him and some of your best memories. Your a strong person and I hope you see many great things in the future.

Sincerely, Mariel

05-05-2006 9:10 AM -- By: Nina Traynham,  From: Key Largo FL.  

It looks like you had a great son and never forget the moments you and your son had spent with eachother. I'm sorry that he passedaway. But remeber he is looking down at you in heaven. (YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE UNTIL IT'S GONE.)

05-05-2006 9:09 AM -- By: Jessica Lowe,  From: Islamorada, Fl  

I am so sorry for you and your family. I have a brother and if i lost him i dont know what i wwould do. We are the closest out of all my brothers and sisters. My step dad wantrs a bike but my mom thinks that it is very dangerous. He has been eyeing one for a while. I can only hope that he makes the right choice and stays away from one. I heard that someone passed away right down the street from my house on a motercycle. I remember passing the sight a few days latter and saying a prayer fer the family of that poor man. Im sorry for your family and wish you all the best in life. I will pray for you. Jessica Lowe

04-30-2006 10:34 PM -- By: Tami Bush/Angel Ryan Hook,  From: michigan  

Just visiting our children's websites what a beautiful tribute you have created in memory of your precious Luke. One thing I felt is the closeness with his brother. My son Ryan had that with his sister Shana a very close bond. As long as we live they will live, as long as we live they will be loved and remembered always. Bless you.

04-30-2006 7:43 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Dearest Son,

I miss you with all of my being. Today it has been 9 months since that awful night last July. Michael and I visited your tree last night. We sure miss you Lukee, yet know you are doing your best to let us know you are ok. Thanks for all the coins and the butterflies and especially the song the other day.

Loving you with all my heart and soul,

Your Forever Mom

04-29-2006 9:36 PM -- By: Gwen Lachelt,  From: Durango, Colorado  

Spirit Dear is back - with her baby!

Thanks Luke!


Aunt Gwen

04-29-2006 1:05 AM -- By: laurie,  From: California  

I loved getting to know your son Luke through your website. I hope I can make one on Adam's 27th birthday which will be May 25th. It has been 15 years for me and I just found this group recently! Luke sure did seem to love his life on wheels! I hope and pray he did not suffer at all. I hope you get some comfort from knowing how much he loved his motorcycle. Laurie

04-24-2006 2:56 PM -- By: Kelly Murphy,  From: Myrtle Beach, SC  

Dear Luke~

Even tho I don't know you, I was thinking about you today. I hope you are doing well, and maybe you have met my brother by now. Please keep looking over your family, and filling their hearts with happiness. I know you are dearly missed, and I hope that comfort comes the way of your loved ones left here on earth.

04-16-2006 1:56 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Dearest Luke,

As you became an adult, you weren't that big on holidays, but as it is Easter today, I can't stop thinking about what it was like for us two years ago. You and Michael and I went to the Passion of Christ just before Easter. Then we watched all the tv shows relating to the bible we could possibly find. Remember when we got your little "Precious Moments" bible out and looked up verses? You were such a spiritual seeker, my dear son. How I wish you could come for Easter dinner today and tell me all about your new life. My heart is just so full of you Luke, I just can't think of you and miss you enough.

Your most loving Mom

04-14-2006 7:08 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Harleysville,Pa.  

Happy Easter Little Bunny,

Hope you and the other Easter Angels will be eating up a storm.

Love,Terrie(Joey's mom)

04-14-2006 5:51 PM -- By: Mare Sanford,  From: Polson, Montana  


Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to your handsome son Luke. Please know how sorry I am that your beloved son is gone. This lovely Memorial Site you have created to honor Luke keeps his precious memory alive. I will come again to visit Luke and share in those memories!

Love 'n hugs, Mare-Mom of Moe

04-11-2006 8:01 PM -- By: Tami-Mom Of Angel Ryan Hook,  From:  

Our children live on by the stories we tell & the memories we share. Luke will live on forever.

04-06-2006 7:47 AM -- By: June,  From: Key Largo  

Dear Luke,

Your mother & I spent some wonderful time sharing the stories of you. She is so proud. My angel Jimmy is with you now, and I hope you two are enjoying the music you yearn for together. We will join you some day, but until then, send your mother a sign and blow her a gentle breeze. With my love to you June

04-03-2006 10:06 PM -- By: BBB (steve),  From: marco island fl.  

Joey is and was my son, his crouch rocket sit's in his room, he also had those chin whiskers,and was born on the coldest day on record in wisconsin in 1982 -85

04-03-2006 8:39 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Harleysville,Pa.  

Dear Luke,

As I am looking at your site, my son is singing Around Here, with your Mom's choice of song in your beautiful mem book. You guys sure have a lot in common, is Joey singing with you too? Missing you Luke,

LOve, Terrie (Joey's Mom)

03-17-2006 12:00 PM -- By: Karen,  From: New Orleans, Louisiana  

Kay, you have created a beautiful place of peace to honor your beloved Luke. He is a handsome young man and I know you are very proud of the way he lived his life. I wish you peace and the knowledge that God will hold our angels in his arms til we can hold them again in ours.


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