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Memorial created 11-26-2005 by
Kay MacKenzie
Luke Floren
December 10 1983 - July 30 2005

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12-10-2008 6:40 AM -- By: Gail,  From: Georgia  

Hi There Luke!! Happy Birthday!! You brought a smile to my face this morning just by me looking at your incredible smile. Send your mom an awesome sign today. You are so missed and loved. Kepp my Kristin company and yall dont party it up too hard today. Love and Hugs

Shine On Luke!

12-09-2008 10:19 PM -- By: Debi Baker,  From: Florida  

I wanted to stop and say hello and to wish Luke a happy Birthday.  Kay, I know I haven't been around much, but please know that  you are in my thoughts. 

Forever in my heart

12-05-2008 2:53 PM -- By: Carol Ragsdale,  From: Newnan, GA  

A beautiful tribute for a beautiful son.  Luke I am sending to you and your mom my love, thoughts and prayers as we go through the Holiday Season.

Love to you both always,

Carol Mom to Angel Matthew Mullis

11-27-2008 1:56 PM -- By: Debi Baker,  From: Florida  

Kay and Luke

I wanted to wish you both a Blessed Thanksgiving.

Forever in my heart


11-22-2008 11:20 AM -- By: Debi Baker,  From: Florida  

Kay and Luke,  I am so sorry about the loss of such a handsome young man.  I am so glad that you and I have found each other and became friends to help us deal in this journey of grief.

Luke~please send mom lots of angel hugs and kisses and please send my love to Cassandra

Forever in my heart

10-09-2008 2:14 PM -- By: Karen Stockerl-Goldstein,  From: St. Louis, MO  

As I've read this touching tribute I cannot help but cry both for your loss of Luke and for the comfort and strength you continue to find now that he is not on Earth.  We all have tremendous stories of loss , but you have done such a terrific job of letting strangers like me know this remarkable young man. 

Imagine by John Lennon is my favorite song too and  the Counting Crows are my favorite band.  Sharing this with him makes  me appreciate your love for him even more.   I promise to think of your beautiful boy when I attend my next Counting Crows concert.

Thanks for sharing his life and that of your family with the world.  Although it was very hard to read this (particularly his Aunt Gwen's eulogy) knowing that Luke is no longer here on Earth, it is greatly appreciated by me and I am sure others.

Congraulations on having such a special son and brother.  You were lucky to have him in your life.

07-30-2008 11:33 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Dearest Lukers,

How I miss your beautiful smile and laughter, but how grateful I am for the memories that continue to bless me.  You gave me 21 years of joy and love in your years here on earth.  And since that fateful day of July 30, 2005,  you have given me three more years of love.  I am so proud of you for all you do to bring me comfort  and for watching over Michael as you have.   Your presence in our lives stays strong and I know it always will because of the special love we share. 


Your mother who loves you everyday forever and ever.


07-30-2008 11:30 PM -- By: Michael,  From:  

Dear Bro,

Thoughts are with you more than ever today. Hope there's a PBR up there for you somewhere. . . Love you always and keep an eye on us all. 


07-30-2008 11:05 PM -- By: Kathy (Krista's Aunt),  From: Bethlehem, Pa.  

Dear Kay, Michael and Luke

Wanted you to know that I was thinking about you today and remembering how we were all together last year at this time. Wish we could have been there with you guys, but please know our prayers and thoughts were with you all. Hope your day was as beautiful as ours was on the 12th, full of such wonderful memories. I know Luke and Krista are doing  wonderful things with their lives in Heaven. They will never be forgotten. Thank you for being such a good friend. Love, Kathy

07-30-2008 4:10 PM -- By: Gail,  From: Georgia  


   Keep those signs coming. You are so loved and missed. Thanks for sending your mom to me so that we could become friends. I know you and Kristin had something to do with that. Two remarkable kids still doing remarkable things for us moms. SHINE ON

07-30-2008 12:49 PM -- By: Carol Ragsdale,  From: Atlanta, GA  

Kay keeping you and Luke in my heart, my thoughts and my prayers.  Luke stay close to mom today send sweet signs of your love.

Love to you both,

Carol Mom to Matthew Mullis

07-30-2008 12:37 PM -- By: christina,  From: ohio  

angelversary  luke i am so sorry for your  loss  of your son  my heart goes out to   today  three years i know my daughter died that same  year


07-29-2008 12:27 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Pa  

Dear Luke,

Stopping by to tell you my thoughts and prayers will be with you and your Mom tomorrow.

I sent you a minature motorcyle, cause I've been saving it for you since I found it. All for you sweet Luke.

Love,Terrie (Joey's Mom)

07-27-2008 7:14 PM -- By: Susan,  From: Florida  

Hi Luke,

Stopping by to let you know I am thinking about you and your sweet Mom, and brother, with love as we approach your third anniversary in Heaven.

Shine on Luke!

Lots of love, Susan

07-08-2008 5:30 PM -- By: lori,  From:  

love and prayers to you and your family..   lori and jeanine

06-17-2008 11:20 PM -- By: Rita, Chad's Mom,  From: Fairfield, CA  

Dear Luke,

What a beautiful and brightly spirited young man you are. I hope that you have met my Chad in Heaven and that you are hanging out. Love and prayers to your family and a special hug to your broken-hearted Mom from Chad's broken-hearted Mom.


06-03-2008 10:06 PM -- By: Kathy Kaminski,  From: Bethlehem, Pa  

Hi Luke, Just wanted to say HI and let you know I've been thinking of you! Hope you have a wonderful summer and are spending some time on the beaches of Heaven with our Krista. Look over your mom and Michael and send some sunshine down on them. Love, Kathy

04-25-2008 7:45 AM -- By: Fonda Silva,  From: Houston, Texas  

Just stopped by to say Hello and wish you well. You are a very active young man so Im sure your keeping all your Angel Buddies moving.  If you see my son, say hi for me.  Stay close to your family, let them feel you in the wind.

03-23-2008 9:50 PM -- By: Helene, Krista' Mom4ever,  From: Penndel, PA  

Dear Luke,

Thinking of you and just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter up there in heaven.  Take care of your mom and Michael and give Krista a big hug for me . Love, Helene

03-22-2008 3:46 PM -- By: Jim Adams,  From: Key Largo, FL  

I am so sorry and this was very hard for me to read because of the loss of my wife almost 4 years ago.  I know he is in good hands and will always be loved.

01-23-2008 3:46 AM -- By: Joe Birdsall,  From:  

Hi Kay,

How precious are our children! It must seem, even after some time, that nothing can be all the way right. I know I cannot even begin to understand, but I do want you to know that I think of you often. After Greg was born, I asked my mother when she stopped worrying about her children. She said, "Well, I am 73 years old and I haven't yet. I'll let you know, though."

01-13-2008 10:54 PM -- By: Kelly,  From: Myrtle Beach, SC  

Hey Luke! As you know, I don't know you, but I know you know Barry. Wish him a happy heavenly birf from me. Hope you are happy, as I know you all are!!!


12-25-2007 11:36 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Dearest Son, my Shining Star,

I miss you so dearly, and can't stop thinking of all our past Christmas memories. You were always my Christmas baby and I will never forget your first moments of life as your eyes were adjusting you spent hours staring at our Christmas tree -how you loved the lights! I can't look at a light without thinking of the first and brightest light of my life. I know you are close to Michael and I today and Gwen and Mimi too. We treasure all our past Christmas memories and special wintertime activities with you. We are thankful for our memories and grateful that your spirit continues to inspire more memories for us as time moves on.

Huge blessings to you today my son, and thanks for being my guiding light as always.

Love you forever...every day!


12-25-2007 10:26 AM -- By: Helene Kelly,,  From: Pennsylvania  

Dear Luke, Thinking of you and wishing you a merry Christmas. I can't believe this is the third Christmas that your mom & I must spend without our sweet children. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas in heaven. Shine your light bright in those stars in the Florida sky, for your mom and Michael tonight. Love, Helene

12-10-2007 10:24 PM -- By: Gwen Lachelt,  From: Durango, Colorado  

Remembering my sweet nephew Luke on his 24th birthday.


Auntie Gwen

12-10-2007 10:22 PM -- By: Kathy Kaminski (Krista's Godmother),  From: Bethlehem, Pa.  

Dear Luke, Happy Birthday to a great guy.I hope you have a wonderful day. Keep looking out for your mom and Michael. They are some wonderful people. Your mom has been a big help to our entire family and we love them as if they have always been a part of our family. We'll always be there for each other as I'm sure you and Krista will always be there for each other. We Love and Miss You Both very much! Happy Birthday Luke!!!!!!! Celebrate your day!!!!!!!

12-10-2007 5:25 PM -- By: Helene, Krista's mom4ever,  From: Pennsylvania  

Dear Luke,

Thinking of you on your birthday today. Stay near to your Mom & Michael. Send them some angel hugs tonight. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!

12-10-2007 11:34 AM -- By: "Mimie" (grandma),  From: Whitefish, Montana  

My dearest Luke today is your 24th birthday. I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. When I got to Havre your mom was already in the hospital having you. You are my first grandchild and the awe and wonder of seeing you for the first time is still fresh in my mind. I have loved you so very much since the day you were born. I look forward to seeing you again, sweetheart. Happy Birthday, Mimie

12-08-2007 7:38 PM -- By: Vickie Sherrill-Spears,  From: Michigan  

Dear Kay, What a beautiful tribute to your precious son Luke. His website is absolutely wonderful. You can see you have but in many hours of love into it. Luke is a very Handsome young man, I saw how white his hair was when he was little, what a little cutie! I know the pain and heartache you are going through as I have lost a son also. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Love & Hugs, Vickie Danny's Mom Forever www.inmemoryofdannysherrilljr.com

12-05-2007 8:18 PM -- By: Tissie,  From:  

Just reading some GP email and thinking of your special Luke before I lit my "nightly" candle.

Love you for all you have meant to me in my life. Thanks to Avra and Luke for allowing us to be forever friends.



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